Storify: Pro journalists who cover auto industry share insights with MIPA students

Pro journalists who cover auto industry share insight with MIPA students

Huffington Post reporter Sharon Carty and Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Ramsey spoke with journalism students on July 31 at the 2012 MIPA summer journalism workshop.

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Press conference with the Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal! #mipa2012 Coller
The panel had a long discussion in the first half about how teen driving is such a big issue that people take lightly. Carty and Ramsey said this worries them. 
Sharon Carty says teen driving is a big issue that is not taken seriously by a lot of people #mipa2012The Upstart
Carty says students should write about how bad drivers ed is in America. #mipa2012C.E. Sikkenga
M.R wonders if people in Detroit still care about the automotive industry #mipa2012The Upstart
While participating in a Q&A session, the panel discussed how they meet their sources and told the students not to be afraid  because sources are just as nervous as you are.
M.R says the worst time to try to make a source is on the moment, call the next day . #mipa2012The Upstart
How to get a good story: Don’t limit your sources. Use everyone and anyone. #MIPA2012James Coller
RAMSEY. You make sources by living in the world, talking to people. You need to talk to people from wide spectrum. . #mipa2012C.E. Sikkenga
S.C says she always has 5-6 emails back and forth with a promising source so things will work out well #mipa2012The Upstart
The panel spent a while covering what is like to have a family and be a journalist as well as the daily schedule they go through.
S.C says journalist spend a little more money on daycare with a journalism and sleep late. She also works primarily from home #mipa2012The Upstart
Ramsey and Carty talked about what newspapers were like before and what they are becoming. They also discussed how nothing feels worse than when you screw up in your reporting and writing process. 
"Newspapers are committing suicide" – Sharon Carty #MIPA2012James Coller
CARTY.Journalists who are 90% accurate get embarrassed. #mipa2012C.E. Sikkenga
RAMSEY. your integrity in this business is everything. Nothing feels worth than a mistake. Nothing more liberating than correcting.#mipa2012C.E. Sikkenga
The panel discussed life as a journalist in more detail. 
Ramsey. journalists can make a decent living and have most exciting job there is, even if they only make a fraction of business #mipa2012C.E. Sikkenga
Here’s coverage from The Upstart on the event.
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