InDesign for Yearbook takes skills to their own books

Editors and designers from schools all over in the Indesign for Yearbook take advantage of the tools they’ve learned in this week’s course as they work on designs to apply to their own books.

Alex Murray, L’Anse Creuse High School North senior Editor in Chief, utilizes the time to work on her spread so she may bring back a solid start on the book. As only one of the two editors in the InDesign class for LCN this year, Murray is paying close attention to detail so she will be able to help her staff members when they reconvene in the fall.

“I’ve been writing down as many notes as possible,” Murray says with a smile. Grasping as much material as she can will only help make her staff and book as positive and productive as possible.

Paying attention to detail was another quality observed as the class clicked away at their spreads.

“(I learned) how to balance (elements of design) without having to overwhelm (the reader), yet make it simple but enough to catch (the reader’s) eye,” Murray said.

Wednesday’s work focuses on allowing the students to make advancements on their own spreads in order to prepare a well designed start to their book with a theme as clear as glass.

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