Website Boost Camp prepares for multimedia presentation


This year at the MIPA Summer Journalism Camp, the Website Boost Camp has returned with a new instructor and coursework. This year, Monta Vista High School adviser of 14 years Julia Satterthwaite has stepped up as Website Boost Camp instructor. With the new teacher, the students in the Website Boost Camp are now working on a brand new project for the class—multimedia packaging.

“The students are going to have an umbrella topic of LGBTQ issues, but they’re going to be telling the story from multiple platforms,” Satterthwaite said. Over the past few days, she said, the students have been exposed to a variety of platforms, all of which are available for the project.

“I’m giving them a bunch of choices for the way that they want to design it online,” Satterthwaite said adding that one of the main focuses of this project this year is team storytelling.

“I think that when something big happens at your school, it’s better for a team of people to be handling it rather than just one person,” Satterthwaite said. “I really want them to work on communicating and creating a final product as a group.”

The presentation will be on July 31 during the afternoon session for classes from 3 to 4 p.m. among other groups in the Website Boost Camp. 

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