Watch: MSU Dairy Store cools down East Lansing

Dairy Store customers share their favorite things about Michigan State University’s famous ice cream and cheese store and its significance to East Lansing.



Randy: They have flavors that cover all of the Big 10 teams.
Paul: You stole mine. I was going to say all of the flavors, but the it’s made, I think, from MSU dairy cows, so that’s cool.
Krishna: I just love ice ream. It’s so good.
Amanda: I like the representation of all the other Big 10 schools.
Krishna: She’s very picky with how it’s spelled, like the names of the ice cream.
Amanda: Orange Krush is spelled with a “k.”
Randy: She’s making a petition!

Joanna: Oh, it’s probably the best ice cream in this part of the state. We live in West Michigan, over in the Muskegon area, and if we have anything to do in this area we come to the Dairy Store.
Barbara: And anything to do with Michigan State, period, she comes.

Kaden: They have all sorts and –
Noel: And they have Michigan State ice cream!
Kaden: And they have different kinds, and –
Shanae: They even have peanut butter ice cream, and it’s fresh, right? They get it fresh from their cows, that’s really important.
Kaden: I also like it because they give you big, big, big, big scoops.
Shanae: They do give you huge scoops, which is why we have Exhibit A with the melting ice cream cone, we have Exhibit B with the melting bowl, and all of our faces are Exhibit C.

Anneke: I like all the flavors. There’s lots of different flavors and they all have something interesting.
Amy: I love coming here because we just always have come here. I think that one of the best parts of the Dairy Store is when you buy the change over tubs, so like when they’re making one kind of ice cream and then they start making the next one, they have three gallons of the mixture, and it’s really awesome.
Anneke: And they make their own waffle cones and you can watch them do that. It’s good, too.

Don: The ice cream is fabulous.
Alexis: It’s fun to come back on campus. I went to Michigan State, so it’s fun to come back and get a little piece of home.

Caroline: Why do they come here? It’s good ice cream, for one thing.
Bill: The ice cream has a little more butter fat than the ice cream that you can buy any place else in Lansing. I think it’s a true story.

Leanne: I’ve been coming to the Dairy Store since I was a little kid. I grew up here in the area, so we used to go on field trips. We used to come and enjoy the ice cream and we used to watch the guys down below make it in the viewing room. So it’s always been really nostalgic for me and the ice cream is always excellent.
Blair: I went to U of M, go blue –
Leanne: So did I.
Blair: – but I will give props to MSU for…what they do here. I’ve been coming here pretty much since college. My brother also works here. He makes the ice cream and the cheese, so Josh Clark, you rock.

Shanae, Kaden, Noel & Kylon: We love the MSU Dairy Store!

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