Nicole Laughrey Teaches Class that “Money Matters”

Nicole Laughrey, the yearbook¬†adviser at Carnel High School in Indianapolis, leads one of the more unique classes offered at the MIPA Summer Workshop. Rather than focusing on writing structure, or the essence of a photograph, Laughrey teaches her students to “set the prestige” when it comes to handling money for a high school publication.

Lessons such as ad placement, composition of media kits, and even contracts for advertising were all discussed Monday in Laughrey’s class. Almost a dozen students paid attention, with intense focus, as Laughrey explained why business cards for high school students writing for their paper could make a big impact.

“You’re not anyone if you don’t have a title,” said Laughrey to her students. She went on to explain that business cards were a great way to establish that “title.”

As the students in her class absorbed her information, it became clear that bundles of small little tips led to a big payoff when it came to financial situations for their publications.

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