Humans of MIPA

With an attendance of over three hundred high school students at this year’s MIPA Summer Workshop, MSU has also seen over three hundred new, unique backstories and histories arrive on campus. As you spend your week here at Michigan State, take a look at some of the amazing profiles behind the people that you may be attending class or eating lunch with!

lauren pankin

“I’m a creative writer who isn’t afraid to write about real life. I like to think of the world in terms of being open to ideas…I like Journalism because you’re able to tell people’s stories who don’t get to be heard.” -Lauren Pankin, Grosse Pointe South HS

matt schmucker

“There are so many different ways to do something with journalism. With math, it’s so concrete, it’s so black and white…there are so many right answers with journalism.” -Matt Schmucker, Stoney Creek HS


alana sullivan

“I’m still figuring who I am as a person, to be honest.” -Alana Sullivan, Mercy HS

wilson personett

“I’m very accident-prone. I’ve been quarantined twice, I’ve chopped off my thumb, I broke my arm twice, and I shattered my knee-cap into eighteen different pieces!” -Wilson Personett, Fenton HS

gabrielle de coster

“I’m used to limiting myself to likes and dislikes, so I don’t give myself enough thought about who I am here, at MSU. I guess my obliviousness to myself is a part of who I am.” -Gabrielle de Coster, Grosse Pointe South HS

mackenzie mcdonell

“I think finally breaking free from conformity is a huge struggle, and being scared to try things that others would shoot me down for.” -Mackenzie McDonell, Howell HS

"I like to think that I'm really motivated...I like to inspire."

“I like to think that I’m really motivated…I like to inspire.” – Kayla Torres, Clarenceville HS

chad sanders

“I’m a father, son, husband, poet, rockstar, and artist.” – Chad Sanders, MIPA Summer Workshop Director


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Erykah B says:
Jul 29, 2015

I love this idea of the MIPA edition of ‘Humans of New York’, Sean, because ‘Humans of New York’ is an excellent and unique way of presenting people’s lives. It’s journalism. It’s taking a glimpse into someone’s experiences and thoughts. I also suggest this be done on the MIPA Instagram in the future if it is not already being done, which, like the ‘Humans of New York’ Instagram, will allow more people to see and appreciate it.

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