August 1, 2012

As C.E. Sikkenga will consistently tell you, edgy is the way to be.In his class co-taught by Tracy Anderson, Taking Your Newspaper to the Edge, students learn to accomplish what […]

July 31, 2012

Nearly 10 years ago to the day, Kevin Epling’s son Matthew took his own life. Matt, who was 14 and just entering his freshman year, killed himself, his father said, […]

July 30, 2012

In a computer lab in Michigan State’s Business Complex Center, 42 young journalists sit behind glowing screens eager to take their newspapers to the next level. Taking Your Newspaper to […]

July 30, 2012

Nicole Wilson’s Money Matters class teaches a handful of students how to successfully use advertising to support their publications. “What makes you awesome?” Wilson asks the class, hoping to plug […]