Life after MIPA

As we pack our bags and and say goodbye to new friends, what will life look like for us after MIPA? Have you ever considered a life in journalism? Take a look around. Is MIPA housing the next Anderson Cooper or Barbara Walters? The Upstart alone, is home to two aspiring journalist who are anxious to begin a life behind the pen. From fashion journalism to newspaper journalism, MIPA is the gateway for many of us blood thirsty writers.

Our very own Michigan State will be the new home for two Upstart students this Fall. Ariana Taylor and Sean Vichinsky will be attending MSU this 2015 fall semester to study and pursue the world of journalism.

As a three year student of journalism, Sean’s passion for journalism sparked his sophomore year of highschool. Like many of us, he took journalism as an elective and fell in love with it.

“Journalism is a positive outlet for me” Vichinsky said. “I love being able to tell people what they want to hear. Feeding people important information through my writing is very rewarding.”

Within the next five years, Sean would love to see himself in Michigan(the mitten) writing for the Detroit Free Press where he interned this summer. In the future, outside of the general field of journalism, he would love to eventually be the editor in chief of a tech/entertainment review publication. Sean plans on putting his own stamp on the journalism world with the promotion of unbiased writing. He hopes to see more and more equitable writing in the sense that every angle is expressed and acknowledged.

“We need to be looking at every Presidential candidate and every world issue, not from the eyes of a Democrat or Republican, but through a world citizen” Vichinsky said.

Ariana Taylor has loved the art of words from a young age. After getting stuck in newspaper journalism freshman year, she began to tolerate and later love it. Like many, she hopes to impact that world with what she writes.

“I would love for people to see me as a trustworthy journalist. We are questioned now more than ever and I hope to change that,” Taylor said. “Journalists should be credible and dependable, I hope to be that in the eyes of my readers.”

Although Ariana doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do in the future, journalism is definitely on the horizon. After enjoying her time at the Detroit Free Press this summer, she may return after college or work to move up to editor in chief position at another publication. She hopes to revive the joys of journalism by relating to readers and leaving the irellevant negative news for TMZ.

Along with Sean and Ariana, I would love to one day see my name on a paper in the hands of a stranger. For me, journalism is a whole new world. I would love to put my two passions, writing and fashion together to become a fashion journalist. I dream of owning and running my own paper publication or fashion magazine.


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Christina says:
Jul 31, 2015

You guys did such a good job reporting this week! This is great to look back on and reflect with!

Lauryn says:
Aug 02, 2016

This is a great article! It makes me excited for what will come once I leave MIPA!

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