The Dead Squirrels in a nutshell

The band “The Dead Squirrels” is an acoustic band made of two members. Jim Streisel, the lead singer/songwriter, and the main guitarist, Donny Coyle. Last night the band performed a concert at The Erikson Kiva, and although not all the members were there, due to a four hour drive up to Michigan State, the concert was great.
The Dead Squirrels have a chill sound that’s perfect for bars and coffee shops. Even though Donny Coyle wasn’t able to make it, Jim Strisel put on a wonderful solo show . He played a set list including the songs Summer Nights, Lazy Saturday, Another Cup of Coffee, Crossroads, Love to Give, Funeral for Myself, In the Middle, One Time,Together Now, Believe and an interesting cover of LMFAO’s “I’m sexy and I know it”. He writes all of their songs, some quite witty, and even have a few dedicated to his wife.
The band started in 2012 when they performed at Claude & Annie’s and since then they have come out with two albums and have over 70 twitter followers along with over 300 likes on Facebook. Not to mention, THE Alice Cooper is a fan of the band! If you want to check out some of their work they are on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon.

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Aug 05, 2014

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