Advanced InDesign helps yearbook students refine their publications

It’s midway through the MIPA workshop and yearbook students are working hard to create pages for their school’s publication, Advanced InDesign for Yearbook instructor Lydia Cadena┬ásaid. Her class has been meeting with other design classes in order to touch base with their fellow schoolmates and produce templates for the upcoming school year.

“My students are all part of yearbook staffs who are here so they are working with their schoolmates rather than just their classmates this afternoon,” Cadena said.


Students met in designated rooms based on their high schools and will be working for the rest of the week on page layouts for their yearbooks to use. Cadena’s goal is for her students to produce enough templates that they can bring back to their schools and actually use.

Both her Advanced InDesign and InDesign classes are mixed together. Part of the challenge for Cadena’s students is getting them on the same page. Some may be fluent in areas such as typography, and others have never used InDesign, Cadena said.

Meghan Hurley, a senior from North Farmington High School, had some trouble adjusting to the class at first. After switching in from another program, Hurley said absorbing everything was easy, but remembering how to apply it was her challenge.

“I wanted to get as much (information) as I could about design because that’s my weakness,” Hurley said. “It’s just really hard sucking it all in at once; I’m getting thrown all these new things and just remembering it and taking it all in and processing it all.”

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