Yearbook designers perfect their skills

Advanced yearbook design instructor Lydia Cadena starts her class figuring out where everyone is at with InDesign. The students then dabble into some basic design as a refresher for the long summer. She continues with a list of do’s and don’ts of yearbook design.

“I’m gonna show them how they can take different components–different parts of a page and modify them really quickly to give more of a variety of options for their page designs” Cadena said.

Over the course of the week they will be adding more and more techniques to their designs. They’ve created a document that’s 20 pages long and once they sharpen their skills they’ll be removing some parts, make changes and copy it so they can see their improvement.

“The ultimate goal is that when they all leave, they will have at least two templates for their sections that are yearbook ready. All they’d have to do is click on a box and place a photo, highlight text and change it to the actual text” Cadena said.

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