Advanced yearbook students learn eight essential skills

On Aug. 1, students in the Advanced Yearbook Class learned what it takes to make a yearbook. According to instructor Sandra Strall, students need to follow eight steps:

MIPA Workshop Adviser Sandra Strall teaches her "Advanced Yearbook" students about how to make mods effectively. By Jakala Williams / Upstart Staff

  1. Know how to design it.
  2. Have a theme.
  3. Determine what kind of font they want.
  4. Decide how many sections they will have.
  5. Decide what things are called.
  6. Think about what things are going to look like.
  7. Determine how they are going to organize it.
  8. Start in earnest.

To begin addressing that list, the students have begun by reviewing basic design. Next they will work with modular design, or designing in rectangular “packages.” After that they will do caption writing, followed by work on photography.

What makes some yearbooks look unique, Strall said, is how seamless their design is.

She said, “(Good) yearbooks look like one man has spent all of his time on the yearbook.” By Jakala Williams / Upstart Staff

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