Bobby Hawthorne takes students to the next level

Students in The Bobby Hawthorne Experience class have utilized every day of this week. They were assigned five stories in three days, usually working on several pieces at a time. 

“They’re not sleeping. We don’t let them sleep,” Assistant Instructor and Writing Coach Missi Yeomans said.

Seaholm High School student Monisha Gowda has been working hard to keep up with all the assignments in the class. She believes the fast pace of the class, coupled with the useful lessons, have taught her to be a better writer.

“MIPA is only 5 days, but out of the 4 days that I’ve been in this class I can truly say I now understand why it’s called The Bobby Hawthorne Experience,” Gowda said.

Gowda felt the class exposed her to new forms of journalistic writing, and offered a solution to break away from conventional, high school English writing. 

“The Bobby Hawthorne Experience has showed me I can take risks,” Gowda said, “how I can better those risks, and how they work so that I’m not just writing articles for the newspaper, I’m actually making them worthy articles that deserve our newspaper.”

Yeomans was surprised by the amount of talent and hard work in the class.  

“We have never had this,” she said. “Usually the class is about half the size it normally is, first of all. I think we’ve never had this many kids be on time, ready to go, and meet deadlines, like boom, boom, boom. They’re writing has grown dramatically, with each successive piece. You can really seem them. They have the courage to take the risks, which is so cool.”

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