Broadcast Bootcamp produces first live newscast

IMG_3855As soon as you enter the classroom for the Broadcast Bootcamp, you immediately sense an air of organized chaos. A¬†whiteboard at the front bore categories such as ‘producer’ and ‘control room’ and students were given the option to sign up for a role that they felt suited them well.

As the class dispersed for lunch, they were sent off with a task: come back with at least five ideas for the first broadcast video. They had to use the brainpower within their group to come up with only the best of the best ideas, and desired to come up with content that would interest the MIPA students.

Ran by instructors Roger Smith and Randy Scott, the students are given positive praise and motivation to produce the best video possible. There lies the challenge, however; considering that the experience level varies from first time broadcasting students and those that have been doing this for years, some students faced more difficulty than others.

“Everybody has walked into it with different experiences, because in video, every school is unique and does it differently,” Randy Scott said. “We’re trying to catch everyone up to speed, and by the end of the day we’re going to have produced our very first live MIPA newscast.”

Be sure to ask your adviser to show you the MIPA newscasts the next two mornings and support your fellow journalists!


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