Broadcasting Boot Camp Students Work to Create First Broadcast

Broadcasting Boot Camp students are working to produce their first newscast to air Tuesday morning. The term “boot camp” isn’t used lightly; according to instructor Jeremy Whiting, students will have a news “package”–a video used to relay news–due every day.

“You could think of (broadcasting) as a news story that you would see in a newspaper or anywhere else; it’s just in a different format,” Whiting said. “In this format we have the visuals to go along with it. We’re doing the same thing like a regular reporter’s doing. We’re asking questions, we’re finding out information, we’re doing research and we’re also doing parts that maybe a photographer would do; we’re finding shots to help show the story, and the shots are just moving because it’s video.”

The class includes students of all experience levels, from first timers to experienced journalists.

Student Jack Harrell said he would categorize himself as more experienced. “I take team news at my high school,” Harrell said. “It is a broadcasting system at our school. We basically set up a broadcast every day for our school, so instead of announcements over a PA speaker system we just do it online through a visual representation.”

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Annie Hamaty says:
Jul 31, 2018

Hi my name is Annie and I am involved in the Opinion Coverage class this year at MIPA. The angle you took for the article is clear and concise, as well is the headline. The quotes make the article interesting, especially Whiting’s explanation of the class.

Vidalia says:
Jul 31, 2018

My name is Vidalia article was done very well, Not only did you use quotes very well. you made them sound natural with the text, and that can be hard. I also liked that you explained what the class as doing and the different perspectives in class from more experienced students to new ones. I also thought that ho you explained broadcast was very good at explaining it is just like journalism but in a different format.

Molly Wilson says:
Jul 31, 2018

Hi Regina, I am Molly Wilson and I am taking the Opinion Writing course. I enjoyed this piece because you made sure that I could understand it even though I am not well versed on the subject of broadcasting. For example, I don’t know any of the lingo for broadcasting so I really appreciated you giving a further explanation on a news package. I would have been left confused on what you had wrote if you had not helped me better understand. Understanding that people reading your work, such as myself, may be confused on some of the fancier terms used, shows you are thinking of an audience while you write.

Toni Golston says:
Jul 31, 2018

Regina Pauly you did a good job on your article. You kept it short and to the point, not over doing yourself. Good job.

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