Broadcasting students immerse themselves in industry-standard technology

Randy Scott, a former industry photographer and current Davison High School instructor, wasted no time in immersing his Broadcasting Bootcamp students in  a professional show-producing environment.

On July 30, Scott, who has been a regular instructor at MIPA since 2004, took his advanced students, who all had previous technical training, and gave them a crash-course introduction into standard industry software, such as Adobe Premiere and Rundown Creator. Scott said his main objective this week was to make his kids proud of the quality of work that they will construct while at MIPA this year.

“I want them to be tired and exhausted,” he said. “I want them to feel like they gave everything they had.”

This workmanlike mentality has already started to resonate on the advanced broadcasting and software section of his class, as they spent much of their allotted time editing and writing scripts for a newscast that they will record during their afternoon class period.

Lillian Swanson, a senior in the advanced broadcasting section of the class, said the pace of the class was a  welcome sight for her and her classmates. The introductory broadcasting portion of the class received a tripod setup and video tutorial instructional setting from instructor Jeremy Whiting. Regardless of skill level, both instructors stressed the importance of hands-on experience in their various classroom activities.

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