Campers discover what it’s like when “You’re designing the newspaper”


Instructor Cheryl Pell explaining the use of drop caps during class as they also discuss typography during their Monday sessions. For the rest of the week the students will work on various projects that they will be able to use on their school newspaper. |Photo by Sarah Sims

“Go big or go home,” were the first words Cheryl Pell said when I walked into the room. One of her many sayings to keep the world of design under control. Her quotes are preached to her students as reminders while they learned about design.

“I’m learning a lot about things I had no idea existed,” camper Amy Case said.

During this week they will have a variety of assignments including playing with typeface, creating an alternative story form, looking at different newspaper layouts, and changing or updating the “furniture” of their papers.

Monday was a huge lecture day for the students of ‘You’re Designing the Newspaper’ and the rest of the week will be just as information packed.

“They all have personal goals, today was a busy learning day,” Pell said. “Their eyes are probably glazing over.”

The tools and design concepts they are learning can be easily adapted to all high school newspapers. For Case, she will be bringing back modern layouts and changing some design aspects of her school’s newspaper.

“I can’t wait to incorporate some of the things I’ve learned from Cheryl and fellow journalists into my staff,” Case said.

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