‘Dueling Design Diva’s’ Kick Off MIPA 2013

Students vote for which 'Diva's' design they perfered. "It was neat to see the different colors being raised," Khadeejah Ahmed said.

Students vote for which ‘Diva’s’ design they perfered. “It was neat to see the different colors being raised,” Khadeejah Ahmed said.

To kick off MIPA 2013, high school journalist gathered in the Michigan State University Business College to listen to the wise words of Cheryl Pell, and Betsy Rau. The two collaborated together to present their favorite designs of current news and design in “Dueling Design Divas”. Explaining each design they selected, students were then allowed to to vote for which design they prefered. Student judges sat with Pell and Rau to give their take on the spreads.

Students found the instant visual of which design was more popular convenient and interesting.

“I really liked the interactive [voting],” Alex Arons, Dow High School Assistant Copy Editor, said. “I don’t know if the student judges were necessary, but I really enjoyed it.”

The design ideas allowed for journalism students of all kinds to get their creative juices flowing. The students viewed spreads from a variety of categories such as sports, entertainment, and infographics.

“The different ideas were really neat. Even if you aren’t the one creating the spread, you can pass on the ideas to you designers,” Erica Kloski said. As a senior writer for Dow High School, Kloski has never designed but looks forward to helping her staff members and contributing to ideas.

“It’s exciting,” Kloski said.

“Designers are afraid to work with the front page,” Cheryl Pell said.

Pell’s message, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, students should embrace the new experiences they encounter this week at MIPA with open arms. Boldness and precision are main aspects of design, writing, and photography; be loyal to the subject.

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