Feature Coverage class works on short profiles, longer stories

Kicking off camp with a new way to create personality profiles using Instagram, the students in the Feature Coverage class will soon venture into writing more in-depth stories.

Instructor Julia Sattherwaite said it’s important for students to learn to use a variety of methods and tools to share stories. “The way that you present information is changing,” she said. “Even though students are writing an in-depth feature, they will also be live tweeting, using Instagram and learning about extended captions.”

Students in the Feature Coverage class work on a small assignment so they can bring their information to a group discussion led by Julia Sattherwaite. Later in the week, Satterthwaite said, students will create more in-depth stories.

During Monday’s early session, Sattherwaite used a presentation to get her group of new students involved and excited for the week.

Avery Peters, a student from Plainwell (Mich.) High School, said, “This week I am excited to complete our last project: writing a feature profile. I’m excited to polish my feature skills and bring them back to school with me.”

Lilly Musgraves, a student from Hammond (Ind.) Academy, is new to journalism. According to Musgraves, feature writing is different from her other English classes and she is learning how to write journalistically.

“Compared to (other styles), feature is edgier and more ‘out there.’ It is also the more important stories in a publication,” she said.


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