FRIB provides MSU with state of the art isotope facility

Michigan State University is one of the foremost public universities in the country, both in terms of academic rigor as well as natural beauty. From the world-renowned nuclear physics program to the gentle meander of the Red Cedar River throughout campus, Michigan State has something for every one of its prospective applicants.

Now, for those who look to work with radio isotopes in a world-renowned laboratory setting, the Facility for Rare Isotope beams (FRIB) not only provides a unique learning experience for MSU students, but it allows for the exploration of rare isotopes that are not yet known to man.

The FRIB, scheduled to be completed in 2022, has the capability to further develop new and innovative cancer treatments, as well as better understand the little-known nature of nuclear waste. Combining taxpayer money and U.S. and state funds to fund this massive project, the FRIB will be located about 35 feet under Michigan State’s campus.

Karen King, the communications manager for this project, said FRIB is complying with and exceeding current environmental regulations that deal with the construction of the isotope laboratory. Despite this public reassurance, concern may still lie in the disposal of nuclear waste produced from FRIB. However, Brad Bull, the Conventional Facilities and Infrastructure Division director of the FRIB, said negligible amounts of nuclear waste will be produced from isotope decay and study.

Widespread economic benefit is expected from the construction of this massive laboratory, including the creation of over 1,000 paying jobs. Not all is known as to what possibilities the FRIB will reveal about nuclear waste and isotopes, but Bull said the possibilities are numerous.



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Elizabeth F says:
Aug 01, 2017

Hi, I’m a student from the opinion coverage class. I felt this article was very informative yet not too lengthy. You really did a good job describing the press conference and the FRIB in detail, covering all the main aspects. However, I feel like it may have been beneficial to include some direct quotes from King or Bull in order to emphasize the impact of the FRIB. But overall this was a really solid article which I enjoyed reading!

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