Infographics class finalizes paper airplane projects

On Aug 3., students in Karl Gude’s class finished up their work on their final paper airplane projects. Within three days, his students learned the basics of Adobe Illustrator.

“I didn’t know a thing about Illustrator when I came in. I didn’t think in a matter of three days I could make something and learn the program,” said Haley Kluge, editor in chief of the newspaper A Comet’s Tale at Grand Ledge High School. She said PhotoShop and InDesign made it easier to learn and she really hopes to incorporate more infographics in her newspaper from her new knowledge.

Haley Kluge from Grand Ledge High School works on her paper airplane project. She is putting the final touches on her paper airplane project for Karl Gude's Illustrator and infographics class. By Kailee Mitchell / Upstart Staff

Lindsay Spagnuolo of Utica High School said, “I had no prior knowledge, I could barely make a box and now I know all this in like two days.”

Gude said he is very proud of the work his students have done, whether they finished their projects or not. He said he is just glad they could learn how to tell a story through graphics, how to use Adobe Illustrator, and have something to take back to their staff. By Kailee Mitchell / Upstart Staff

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