New class Creative Illustration Techniques teaches basics of Photoshop

Students spend their first day of Creative Illustration Techniques, a new class, learning the ropes of Photoshop.

Chad Bennett, a second year instructor, plans on having a lot of “play” time in class to get his students used to Photoshop, while having fun.

“They actually wrote the class that I’m teaching this year more or less for me,” Bennett said. “It was one of the featured classes just to see if we could get students, it filled and so I get to teach. We realized this class filled a hole that wasn’t being taught.”

With a class all about illustrations and how to visuals pop, students are able to take what they learn and apply it to outside publications.

“We’ve learned a lot of interesting photo techniques,” Sisco Robles said. “I’ll get new skill sets for the class that I’m doing next year, yearbook.”

From cutouts to layer masks, the students are learning a variety of skills about the bits and pieces of graphics.

“Considering most of the kids in the class have never worked with graphics they seem to be doing a good job,” Bennett said, “I’m throwing a lot at them, I’m giving them a lot of tools and time to play and they’re doing great just playing. I’m hoping they can then take it and apply it towards practical things.”

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