MIPA ‘Complete Yearbook’ students dive into work-filled week

On Aug. 1, the students in the “Complete Yearbook” class, under the guidance of instructor Patrice Hornak, began what is sure to be a workshop full of fun, learning and everything journalism.

With the desks set up in a circle, students discussed angles from which to write and used packets to learn about different parts of a yearbook’s layout. After discussion, the group moved into a conference room where they met up with members of their yearbook staff from their school to work together on designing a theme and layout for their school’s coming yearbook.

Chelsye Bartsch, of Belaire High School, works on drawing out her ideas for a yearbook theme. Bartsch is a student in the "Complete Yearbook" class at the 2011 MIPA Summer Journalism Workshops. By Ben Trube / Upstart Staff

Hornak constantly emphasized the importance of “painting pictures” in their writing, giving her students example stories and pointing out good writing strategies. She said that there was “a lot to pile on” this week but hopes to have her students leave with good ideas and plans for their school’s next yearbook. By Ben Trube / Upstart Staff

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