MIPA Journalists Settle Into Dorm Life at MSU

By Sean Vichinsky

Just hours into the first night of the annual MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop, many students attending the program have found it rather easy to get accustomed to dorm life at Michigan State.

Though students spend five days away from home at MSU’s Shaw Hall during the program, to many it feels simply like a small jog away from home.

dorm life mipa

Three students at MIPA keep each other company in a dorm room while settling in. |Photo by Sean Vichinsky.

Wilson Personett, of Fenton High School, finds home in the comfort of his laptop and connectivity with his friends.

“I enjoy watching Netflix a lot, and texting my friends,” said Personett. He added that his current favorite show on Netflix is Psych, a popular crime dramedy.

For those battling homesickness at Michigan State, however, Charles Douglas of Troy High School offered some key advice.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out,” said Douglas. “Just be open. So far, I haven’t met a single rude person here – everyone is really nice.”

Douglas added that, as a result of being away from home for camps, he’s used to making homes away from home. However, this is Douglas’ first time on Michigan State’s campus.

“I don’t have a roommate, though,” he said, disappointed.

Jeff Montgomery, meanwhile, settled in quite quickly with new friends during his first night at Shaw Hall.

When asked what he did to make himself at home at Shaw, Montgomery, a student at Dearborn High School, didn’t have trouble answering enthusiastically.

“I’m hanging out with a lot of new friends.” said Montgomery. “It’s been great meeting all the nice people here.”

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