MIPA Overview: Day Three

Tired students woke up yesterday excited for the second full day of MIPA summer camp. Once again, students are frequenting Starbucks and any coffee machines in the cafeteria, needing an extra boost of energy before morning classes.

In some classes, the Broadcast Bootcamp’s first live broadcast was shown in the morning. Students remained hard at work until lunch time, which featured Lemon Pepper Chicken and French Dip sandwiches in the Main Street section.

Afternoon classes were followed by round two of the volleyball tournament for the MIPA cup. Even in the heat, they had quite an audience. Dinner time was quite interesting, with several selections of pizza at the Bread Box.

Up next was the seminar on racial identity. Students watched a documentary entitled Unchecking the Box done by students here at Michigan State University. Once again students had been allowed to ask questions about the making of the documentary and about racial identity issues in general. Optional Recreational Activities followed.

Today is the final full day of MIPA summer camp, make the most of it!

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