MIPA Overview: Day Two

Day two was off to an early start, beginning with breakfast. A popular item on the menu was the eggs, closely followed by the hashbrowns.

Up next was the morning session of class. Students briskly walked off to class, many of whom were carrying Starbucks to kick-start their morning. The two and a half hour session was followed by lunch. Among yesterday’s selections were buffalo chicken pizza at the Bread Box. Many students used the two-hour lunch block to further explore the campus, shop at the International Center, or go to the renowned Dairy Shop.

Afternoon session of classes followed, and then came what everyone had been waiting for: the first day of the MIPA cup volleyball tournament. Teams from the different workshops battled it out on the two fields, and the winning teams are playing once more today. It’s possible that the class adviser’s are more set on winning than the students…

Dinner contained the now normal hustle and bustle, with students going in and out of the three different places for dinner in the cafeteria: the Bread Box, Garden Work, and Main Street. Afterwards, students had the opportunity to attend a hour and a half lecture about the upcoming rise in prescription drug addiction. Some students lined the stairs of the lecture hall in order to ask their questions to the panel. To end the night, there was a showing of the movie Searching for Sugarman for anyone who chose to participate.

All in all, day two was pretty successful. Both students and staff hold high expectations for the rest of the week.

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