MIPA students learn the truth about concussions

Sports journalist Joanne Gerstner, Neurologist and concussion specialist Dr. David Kaufman and Ohio State freshman Kari Grandstaff give a talk Monday night to MIPA students on how concussions aren’t as minor as others may think.

“The most complex thing in the universe, the most complex thing is the human brain. And so, no matter how much you anticipate force with advanced material, you have to understand that force can be generated and applied upon the human nervous system no matter what the helmet. Helmets assist but do not stop concussions” Kaufman said.

Grandstaff shares a story of when she got a concussion playing indoor soccer in high school and is in bed rest for a month so she could recover. When she gets back on the field she injures herself again during her junior year and regularly gets headaches and looks for a cure.

“It’s not physical, it’s more mental. No one can see that you’re hurting. But we’re getting there. Hopefully we’re gonna find a medicine that fixes all of the problems” Grandstaff said.  

Panel od concussion experts answer questions from MIPA students

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