MIPA students share how to beat writer’s block

As journalists, there’s a point where we all get stuck in that sticky situation called writer’s block, and it’s completely inevitable. Sometimes, we need to seek inspiration to help get us out of that rut. The question is, how?

Through completing a survey, some MIPA students shared their favorite ways to get inspired. The Upstart staff member, and H. H. Dow High School student, Karina Zanyk McLean, likes to just simply take a break.

“It [taking a break] lets me come back with a fresh set of eyes and see what I was missing out on.” Karina said.

There are students who take another outlet to their writer’s block. For example, Beyond the Basics Photography student from Mercy High School, Katharine Rzepecki, would much rather take a walk.

“Taking a walk makes me see new things and puts them into perspective.” said Rzepecki. “It makes my mind relax and gets rid of all the pressure I’m feeling.”

Are you still stuck with that writers block and can’t figure a way to beat it? Try doing a combination of things. Feature Coverage student, Brianne Twiddy, of Woodhaven High School, does just this. She likes to listen to music, look at other people’s work, and when that doesn’t work, she’ll even go to instagram for inspiration.

“Lyrics in music really make me inspired. If I’m trying for a serious piece I like music that ‘s more acoustic and about the need for change or a heartbreak.” said Twiddy. “Happy pop music really helps a piece with a happy mood. On the other hand other people’s work inspires me with ideas or new writing styles. Instagram has beautiful photography or amusing pictures of my friends. I always search for hashtags that I think would fit my stories”


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