MIPA students work to earn ‘cash’ during summer camp

In addition to their regular class loads, MIPA student journalists have the opportunity to earn “MIPA money” in the form of “Chad Change” or “Rod Rubles.”  By submitting these pink and orange bills with their names written on the back, students will be put into a drawing for some end-of-the-week prizes. Here are a few ways campers can get their hands on the workshop’s exclusive currency.

Introduce Yourself to Chad and Rodney

The standard “hello my name is,” hometown, school, and fun fact is really all it takes for a journalist to score some invaluable MIPA cash. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to get some face time with camp directors while simultaneously racking up the rubles.

Be Special

Instructors pockets are weighed down with journalistic cash, so for students that means going the extra mile in class. For these superstars, the reward is just more than a pat on the back—it’s monetary.

Embrace the Daily Theme

In order to actually be ALL IN, a student journalist must dress the part. Monday is “ALL INsane Day.” Goofiness in the form of Harry Potter-esque glasses, patterned socks, and awkward headgear is encouraged. Tuesday is “ALL INside Out.” For Wednesday each staff needs to show off their spirit and be “ALL INsync” with matching tshirts. Rodney and Chad will be handing out bucks for helping the theme come alive on campus.

Ask Away

Students are encouraged to not only introduce themselves, but to go one step further: ask Chad or Rodney a few questions. Whether if it’s about cats or Creative Commons, bucks will be rewarded.


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