MIPA video class gives students new direction for broadcast leadership

Smiles, laughter and leadership. These are just some of the highlighted qualities found in the video and online class, Broadcast Leadership, offered in the Communication Arts building at Michigan State University this week.

Students in Broadcasting Leadership focus and take notes on instructor Randy Scott’s lesson. They learned about the differences between broadcasting, cable, and television shows. Everyone in the class shared their past leadership styles, along with their strengths and weaknesses in broadcasting.

Taught by first-year instructor Randy Scott, Broadcast Leadership will feature learning about different leadership styles and the differences between broadcast, television stations and cable. The students will also be discovering more about everyone else’s leadership styles so far.

Grace Hazlett, a senior from Waterford Kettering High School and member of the class, said she hopes that taking this class will benefit her very little knowledge of being a leader in broadcasting, since she will be one of the people in charge on her school’s staff this upcoming year.

“I’m going to be a producer and this is my first year doing this, so I’d thought this (class) would help me get prepared for that,” she said.

Scott also said he wants to strengthen his students and inspire them as leaders. When turning to a quieter person in the room who appears to be unsure of himself, Scott said, “Hey, you’re a leader. You can do this.”

Besides encouraging these future leaders now, Scott said he wants his lesson plans to stay with his students beyond the classroom.

He said, “I hope they take back with them a vision of what they want their program to be and a plan on how they want to get it there.”

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BoB20 says:
Jul 31, 2012

Sounds like a class I would want to take!!!!

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Aug 02, 2014

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