First round of MIPA volleyball tournament gets rained out

The rain pouring down!

Michigan State’s POURING RAIN!

Rain canceled the first round of the popular MIPA workshop volleyball tournament, which was scheduled to begin on Aug. 4 prior to the students’ dinner hour. Students who participate in the tournament, as well as other recreational activities, can earn points for their respective classes in the pursuit of the MIPA Cup, a large traveling trophy for the class that earns the most points over the week.

Janise Packnet said the weather was really depressing. “I was looking forward to walking on campus, having a good time and especially playing beach volleyball, and the rain took that from me,” she said. Veteran MIPA students recalled the same thing happening on the first day of the volleyball tournament last year also.

MIPA workshop director Chad Sanders said, “We would’ve played in the rain, but it was the thunder and lightning that made the game a no-go.” Sanders, like many other students and staff members, said he was disappointed that the tournament couldn’t go on. “It was a huge hassle to have the bracket figured out, then a thunderstorm comes,” he said.

Sanders added that the tournament is still scheduled to resume on Aug. 5. “This is salvageable,” he said. The plan is to have lightning—no pun intended—games tomorrow to squeeze in today’s and tomorrow’s series of games. Participants can find the updated schedule on the Challonge site. Weather reports for Aug. 5 indicate scattered showers.


Two MIPA students who just conquered the rain!

Two MIPA students who just conquered the rain!



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Sean (Opinion Coverage) says:
Aug 05, 2014

Great to hear that the tournament will still go on! Great and insightful article!

Sean (Opinion Coverage)
Kofi (Opinion) says:
Aug 05, 2014

This is a great article. I’m still disappointed that the tournament was canceled yesterday but I’m excited to play today.

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