MIPA’s Entertainment Coverage Course Inspires the Critic in Students

By Sean Vichinsky

In his fifth year of teaching at MIPA, instructor Jamie Flanagan leads the Entertainment Coverage course with a fresh look at many forms of entertainment. From movies to music to the delicacies of food, Flanagan teaches his students to analyze the finer details of all mediums of entertainment with a critical lens.

The mood of the class is much more noticeably relaxed, as students worked individually in a quiet, calm environment to work on movie previews. This time around, Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation is the subject at hand as the class’ ten students give their critiques on trailers in anticipation of the film’s release on Friday.

Bailey Boerman, of Rochester High School, signed up for the Entertainment Coverage class in order to prepare for her new role of Entertainment Editor at her high school publication, The Talon.

Though Boerman had no previous experience with entertainment writing, her enthusiasm for the subject still beamed.

“If I become better in the Entertainment section of my paper, then I feel that I would know more about journalism as a whole,” said Boerman.

She added that she prefers writing about music over movies when it comes to entertainment, though she wants to learn about everything to do with entertainment writing.

“The things I learn in here are things I hope to apply to my own writing, and when I’m editing the entertainment stories for my paper I want to use the lessons from this class as well,” said Boerman.

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