Sarah Ashman is MIPA’s lifeguard

Who is looking after the MIPA campers? Who is making sure the campers are in class? Who implements the MIPA laws? Sarah Ashman, MIPA’s Student Director, takes on this task as MIPA’s lifeguard.

“I basically make sure campers are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there,” said Ashman. She obviously cannot follow each camper to their specific class so, instead, she spends most of her time in West Shaw, where she electronically receives attendance for classes all over campus as sessions begin.

As MIPA’s doctor, Ashman aids campers who are sick of camp, sick of being away from home, and also campers who are just simply sick. Ashman is not only a lifeguard and a doctor, but she is also the principal of MIPA when she deals with the rule-breaking campers.

“I’m not the kind of person who gets joy out of disciplining campers and sending them home,” said Ashman. “I feel bad about it, but I have to decide if their punishment is worth a call home or just a warning.”

Overall, campers should look for Ashman if they feel homesick or under the weather, but should stay far away from her if they are skipping class or breaking rules.


Sarah Ashman, MIPA’s Student Director, is in her element working in West Shaw Hall, room 135. Photo Credit: Kristen Hiser

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Maria Broecker says:
Jul 28, 2015

Kristen your point is clear throughout the article that Sarah Ashman is the lifeguard of MIPA and you back it up with valid evidence and quotes, that entertained me.
Right off the bat your rhetorical questions including “Who is looking after the MIPA campers?” grabbed my attention. It got me thinking about the camp as a whole and made me realize I have no idea, that must be a busy job. It informed me of the chaotic job Ashman has that clearly goes unnoticed, which opened my eyes to how we should appreciate her more. You references of Sarah Ashman proved to me that she is a superwoman.
The last paragraph adds some humor by wrapping up the point, while advising students to stay clear of Ashman if they are breaking the rules. It was humorous and related to me, because I like many other students feel temptations to break the rules.
Overall your purpose is concise and down to the point, and even entertaining to the reader.

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