MIPA’s Variety Show Promises Excitement, Talent

By Sean Vichinsky

An annual tradition of the MIPA Summer Workshop is the MIPA Variety Show, a chance for MIPA student journalists to demonstrate their wild and crazy talents.

Though singing, dancing, and performing comedy sound like perfectly normal talents, past performances during the variety show include bird calling and operatic monologues. Even beatboxers can shine on the Variety show stage!

Participants in the Variety Show can even win prizes, depending on their final ranking throughout the show. The top five participants can also win points for their class in addition to cool prizes!

In the case of rain, the Variety Show will likely be moved into the Shaw Hall terrace.

It’s not too late to sign up to participate in the Variety Show! Sign up outside the Shaw Hall cafeteria before 4:30 PM today for your chance to show off your talents to your MIPA friends!

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