‘Money Matters’ class at MIPA discusses how to budget expenses

The student journalists in Comm Arts Room 246, the “Money Matters” course at the 2011 MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop, have long discussions about ads and money budgeting throughout their publications.

“Budgets are just another thing to do,” said Lori Oglesbee, the instructor of the class.

The power point slide that instructor, Lori Oglesbee shows her class about her budget outline. By Brittney Antonelli / Upstart Staff

Throughout the first class session on Aug. 1, Oglesbee discussed budgets with her class. She gave the students real-life scenarios and they responded with their opinions. Along with budgets, Oglesbee shared ad sales techniques throughtout the class. She told the students about Cam Scanner Free, an application to use on smart phones to help.

“This app is amazing,” Oglesbee said. She added it’s a helpful app that allows users to scan an ad on their smart phone and then transform the ad into looking like users brought it up online.

After the class was engaged with the app, Oglesbee then talked about selling ads. The students were able to get a good feel of the advantages and disadvantages with different ads.

At the end of the session the students were assigned a few tasks. They were to cut out 30 ads they liked, write their own policy for their publication and, in the future, make a budget. By Brittney Antonelli / Upstart Staff

Students in the 'Money Matters' course pay close attention to everything Lori has to say. By Brittney Antonelli / Upstart Staff

Instrustor Lori Oglesbee, points out the high and low points of ads she has discovered. Oglesbee taught the "Money Matters" class as part of the 2011 MIPA Summer Journalism Workshops. By Brittney Antonelli / Upstart Staff


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