‘Money Matters’ students work hard to finish up staff manuals

During the second to last class session at the 20011 MIPA Summer Workshop, the students worked diligently on their publications’ staff manuals.

“I’m pretty far (along on the project) and I’ve tried to work quickly to get it done,” said Carolyn Berwick from Rochester High School.

The students went into the classroom with their letters to be inserted into their staff manuals. The letters were directed toward the other class members on their publication’s staff as a warm welcome.

“When I first started writing my letter it felt weird, but I know that it will be really helpful,” Berwick said.

The instructor, Lori Oglesbee, read over students’ letters while they filled out evaluation logs of their experiences in the class.

“I really enjoy the class because I will now be able to bring back more revenue than before,” said Connor Marsh from Grand Ledge High School. ” I really like how everyone in the class is here to learn the same thing as me.”

Not only do the students plan to bring the information they have learned back to help out their publications, but they also plan to use what they learned in real life.

Stacy Li from Okemos High School said, “I was surprised with all the different ad selling techniques and I feel as if they will not only help our publication but also help me with my job.”  By Brittney Antonneli / Upstart Staff

The students in the "Money Matters" course lay their ads on the table for all to see. They pasted their 30 ads that they liked into their notebooks to keep and remember. By Brittney Antonelli / Upstart Staff



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