New journalists learn basics, develop confidence

In Writing and Packaging the News, instructor Cammie Hall said she hopes her students leave the MIPA summer workshop with new skills and a passion for journalism.

Hall said, “I hope that the students in my class go back to their schools more confident and feeling more prepared to be participants on the staff they’re on or feel empowered to start programs at schools that don’t have publications, or perhaps create (an) online presence on blogs and other forums.”

Throughout the week, Hall said her students will explore different journalistic forms, aspects and skills.

“We culminate it with looking at how to package a story topic,” Hall said. “So we’ll take some of the top issues students might be dealing with and decide how best we convey those in their publications or online.”

Student Chloe Moore, a junior from Cass Tech High School, said she is excited to learn more about journalism and explore it as a possible career down the road.

She said, “I’d be happy if I can go away with getting some more background in journalism and seeing if (journalism) may be

Makayla Glenn writes a news brief.

a path I want to take in the future and become a journalist.”

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Brenda says:
Jul 30, 2018

Very informative, brilliant writing.

Emma Swanson says:
Jul 31, 2018

I really like the topic because it is something that all of the students here at camp can relate with. While being here at camp I know that it can be a struggle to find the right angle to cover a story. One thing I would suggest is coming up with a more compelling lead that draws in more readers and catches the eye. The photo caption should also be three lines long and the first three words of the caption should also be capitalized.

Charlotte says:
Jul 31, 2018

Hi I’m Charlotte from the opinion class. I enjoyed reading your piece because it is really well written and used very informative quotes. One thing I would suggest is that in the headline it describes that the students gained or will gain confidence through the class but in the piece I felt it lacked information about how that will happen. I suggest adding something more about that section. I think that after the first quote would be a good spot to elaborate on this.

Sophie Hartwick says:
Jul 31, 2018

Hi, my name is Sophie Hartwick and I’m apart of the Opinion Writing Coverage class. I enjoyed how your article showcased an instructor’s vision for the students at MIPA camp. We generally only get to hear student’s thoughts on the camp so it was interesting to hear a teacher’s perspective. Furthermore, I like how you choose quotes that also gave me an insight of what the class is about. The article is very well written but there are a few improvements that I think could be made. First, the headline of the article was misleading when compared to the information found in the article. After reading, I didn’t find anything that really exemplified students finding confidence. Also, I think that it would feel less repetitive if the word, “said” was replaced. It appears in the article on multiple occasions and after reading the word many times, it seems to remove power from the quotes. I find in my own writing that words like “stated” and “described” give off a better effect. These are just my thoughts on the word but I thought the article was good as a whole.

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