Newspaper editors class studies legal issues

As a newspaper editor, knowing different legal issues and how to avoid running into them are an integral part to maintaining a respectable publication. On. Aug. 3, the “Newspaper Editors” class studied rights not protected by law and how to recognize those potential problems.

Students present posters they created outlining their goals for their publications for the coming school year. They explain to the class one goal and how they plan to accomplish it. By Elizabeth Martin / Upstart Staff

“(My goals were to) get them to think like editors,” adviser Dean Hume said. “It’s not just about edit and copy.”

To do this, Hume handed out a packet of stories and pages that had been published. Some of the examples were simply victims of bad editing, but many had legal problems attached to bad journalism. It was the students’ job to decide whether or not the publication had broken the law.

While Hume talked with his students, he repeatedly referred to them by nicknames, like Tony the Tiger or Nickelodeon.

“He makes (the nicknames) up,” senior Sophie Maccagone from Utica Eisenhower High School said. “My name is Sophie, so he calls me Sofa Recliner.” By Elizabeth Martin / Upstart Staff

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