Newspaper editors cover how to make stories more interesting

The Newspaper Editors’ classroom was much livelier on Aug. 2 as instructor Dean Hume covered how to write columns, edit, copy, find story angles and motivate writers.

Hume steps up on a desk to enforce his point. He gave a very passionate speech. By Elizabeth Martin / Upstart Staff

“When you have a kid who’s proud of his work, you can’t just slash it with a red pen,” Hume said. “You have to work with them; you have to understand that it’s a group effort.”

Hume assigned students articles to read over lunch so the class could discuss a few during the afternoon session. The students reread several of the stories and learned different ways to write opinion pieces and writing styles or angles that could be used to make an article that stands out.

Junior Bella Goodsir, an associate editor at Okemos High School, said she found the number of angles that can be used in a story particularly interesting.

“I want to make our stories more relevant to the school,” Goodsir said. “I want to learn how to localize national stories instead of writing about teen problems.” By Elizabeth Martin / Upstart Staff

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