Newspaper editors team up with feature coverage writers

Newspaper Editors class teamed up with the Feature Coverage class to guide them and share advice about creating an interesting feature story package.

Newspaper editors, Eisenhower High School senior Angie Wysocki and Mercy High School senior Anjali Alangaden, helped Feature Coverage writer, Detroit Cristo Rey High School senior Ryan Martin, work through her flaws and questions she had about her story.

“They weren’t as harsh as I thought they would be,” Martin said. “They gave constructive criticism that helped me go back and fix the things in my story that needed help.”

Martin chose to write her story on reporting and the digital age. Wysocki and Alangaden shared advice such as finding a unique angle and putting a face to a story.

“I was definitely scared at first because last year I had someone to lean on but this year I’m going to be Editor-in-Chief,” Alangaden said. “So editing her paper has given me more confidence for next year.”

The classes worked together and grew from the experience. They now can go back to their staff with more knowledge then they came here with.

“In class we learned a strong way to edit without being too mean or too nice and giving them good feedback that actually helps,” Wysocki said. “So this experience made me test it and see that it does actually work and it’s something that I can apply to my editing skills when I get back to staff.”

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