‘Opinion Coverage’ class strives to make publications personal

Julia Satterthwaite, Rochester HS teacher for six years, teaches her MIPA Journalism Workshop students all about columns, editorials, political cartoons and other opinionated pieces in publications.

“I’ve been coming to MIPA for about eight years, but I’ve only been teaching this class for three,” Satterthwaite said.

The students in the class said they believe opinionated columns and editorials are key to most publications.

“The opinion section gives the students a voice, since journalists don’t normally get to express their own opinion,” Howell High School student Megan Isom said.

Megan Isom works on finishing her editorial for the day. "I love what I do, and I'm going to be the opinion editor for my school's newspaper next year." By Kailee Mitchell / Upstart Staff

“Today we’re writing editorials on any subject we choose,” ┬áIsom said. “I’d like to compare the difficulties of navigating through the hallways at school to fighting your way through a jungle.” By Liz Rosalez / Upstart Staff

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