Photographers work at LCC improving their techniques

Every morning about 60 of MIPA’s summer workshop students climb on a bus destined for an off-campus location. Five Miles away at Lansing Community College, the Shoot Like a Pro, Sports Photography and From Covering to Publishing classes spend their days diving into photography.

Shoot Like a Pro is one of MIPA’s more advanced photo classes. Instructor Paula Turner said the goal of the class is “making our cameras do what we want them to do.”

“We learn how to use a camera and all of its functions,” said Chris Habba, a student from Waterford Kettering who is a student in Turner’s class.  “Already I’ve learned about concepts like depth of field and how to take more professional portraits.”

Right next door, Brian Roberts was starting a lesson on the different types of image file formats: TIF, JPG, PNG, and GIF, just to name a few.

Emily Nagle from North Farmington who is in Roberts’s From Covering to Publishing class, said, “We spend about one to three hours a day shooting, and the rest is spent editing photos and learning about ways to organize and publish them.”

A few hallways and staircases over was Ike Lea teaching his Sports Photography students how reduce noise on some of their low-light action shots. These students have been all over East Lansing capturing athletes in their environment.

Students have taken photos at a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game and the LCC volleyball court and swimming pool.

During the evening of July 31, the Shoot Like a Pro and Covering to Publishing students will be attending the Ingham County Fair. Each student is assigned a different subject to photograph. Meanwhile, the Sports Photography students will be heading over to the skate park to snap some pictures of the boarders.

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