Photography students apply skills on assignment

On Tuesday morning, the Beyond the Basics photography class traveled to the Communication Arts and Sciences building to get portraits for Students and Classroom Life, their second project.

Three students took portraits in the Advanced InDesign class and the Smile, You’re on Camera! class. On the way out, the group caught up with three broadcasting students filming a 30-second segment on the sidewalk. The broadcasting students proved to be willing subjects for the photography students, who tried to capture the emotion and setting of the surprise meeting.

When the group came to the international building, Hannah Gebstadt of Waterford Kettering High School, said she thought the ivy on the side of the building offered a unique perspective.

Alyssa Brandoff, a fellow photography student from Fenton High School, followed her lead. “I like being behind the camera,” Gebstadt said, “but I can’t imagine how I’m going to do this at my school, I don’t know if I can get so close to people all the time.”

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