Sikkenga guides students in the way of meaningful storytelling

MIPA instructor C.E. Sikkenga is instructing his students on the importance of telling a larger story at the 2019 MIPA Summer Workshop.  He said his class, titled “Telling the Big Story,” focuses on in-depth storytelling in student publications. Sikkenga said his class should encourage students to look beyond to find the big stories and how to execute them in their own student publications, via means such as multiple page packages.  

“I think [this class] definitely takes you to the next level of being able to see good packages and being able to really get the definition of a package,” student Olivia Perron said. 

Sikkenga said he hopes the students in his program will use their acquired knowledge to help better their own publications and their community. 

“My hope is that kids are going to go back to their staffs and try this,” Sikkenga said. “Try to do stuff that is really meaningful to their communities, and either starts discussions in their communities, educates their communities (or) highlights things that deserve highlighting that you can’t do in a 500-word story.”

Students Amelya Jankens (back) and Olivia Perron (front) brainstorm package and story ideas. Both students thought of ideas with the intention of bettering their publications. Zane O’Dell-photo

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