Sports Coverage class to visit Spartan stadium, Moneyball basketball tournament

In the coming days, MIPA’s Sports Coverage class will include a wide array of instruction on sports journalism, incorporating everything from game-day coverage to in-depth writing. According to instructor Rod Satterthwaite, field trips to Spartan stadium and the Moneyball tournament are highlights.

Satterthwaite said the stadium visit is always a great tour, offering the chance for students to discuss sports media careers while touring the media facilities and sometimes seeing athletes.

Class participants will also have the opportunity to visit Desmond Ferguson’s Moneyball tournament where they will see college athletes play basketball and possibly interview some of the players.

Carson Bawun, a student in the class, said he is most looking forward to the Moneyball trip.

Bawun, who hopes to become a sports journalist, said, “I hope to take away a general knowledge about sports reporting because my school doesn’t have a journalism class.”

Satterthwaite said he hopes this week he will be able to encourage his students to see the bigger picture as to why sports coverage is important.

Satterthwaite said, “I really want to encourage them to think about their readers and the needs that their readers have, as opposed to what they want to cover.”

Sports Coverage students interview each other as part of an interactive activity to get to know one another.

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Amber Kelly says:
Jul 31, 2018

Hi, my name is Amber and I’m in the Opinion Writing Class. Overall this story is very interesting because of the basic understanding of the class, but the quote from Carson about the Moneyball trip is an indirect quote, and I think a direct quote would fit much better. Also three paragraphs of the story start with “Satterthwaite,” and that gets repetitive. I enjoy the multiple sources, teacher and student.

Eashan Thatte says:
Jul 31, 2018

I’m Eashan Thatte, from the Opinion Coverage class. I enjoyed this article because it was a quick, short, and interesting read, and had relevant information in it. I thought you did the quotations and interviews well, as the quotes from the teacher and the students were placed correctly and made sense. Your headline was short and to the point, and gave a quick overview of the article. I liked how you also went into what the sports coverage class would be doing at the tournament and at the stadium. Before this, I didn’t fully understand how they would interview athletes without meeting any, but you cleared that up well. One thing you could improve on is giving a little bit of a background on the Moneyball Pro-Am, because I’m only familiar with the traditional NBA championship, and I don’t really know about minor league tournaments. So a little bit more info on the tournament would be helpful. Otherwise, the article was amazing and I enjoyed reading it.

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