Sports coverage class interviews MHSAA director Jack Roberts

Current Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) president Jack Roberts visited Rod Satterthwaite’s Sports Coverage class on July 31 to inform the students about the nature of his occupation, as well as what the MHSAA organization as a whole stands for in terms of academic enrichment and sportsmanship.

Roberts went into extensive detail of how MHSAA executives and departments manage to organize various athletic tournaments. Students then had the opportunity to hear the MHSAA official motto on scholarship, sportmanship, safety and scope, which are the four pillars of the MHSAA motto, according to Roberts.

During the open question-and-answer section, students asked Roberts a variety of questions that ranged from recruiting to the ongoing concussion controversy. This press conference gave students the chance to ask questions that were especially pertinent to them. Many of the questions pertained to officials and scheduling.

Varun Vallary from Troy Athens High School asked about the controversial decision that led to the redo of a regional title game between Troy Athens and Macomb Dakota. Roberts gave a lengthy explanation of why the decision was made, but he also admitted that as officials are independent contractors, it can be quite difficult to discipline poor performances.

After the interview, the students had the chance to debrief as well as ask Roberts questions on the side.


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