Sports photography class covers tennis tournament

The sports photography class at the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop provides many opportunities for a photographer to take the perfect shot. On Aug. 2, the class, instructed by Tim Morley, went to a USTA tennis tournament to capture the players in their most memorable moments.

Demarco Harvard from Grosse Pointe South High School said, “Basically we just took a bunch of pictures of a couple tennis games. Yesterday we went to a skate park and also took pictures of a softball game. I have to edit my pictures and select my favorite ones, then upload my best photos to the class Flickr website.”

The students in the sports photography class are not only learning more about photography but also how to expect and prepare for the moves that athletes make during sports.

Mikayla Rankin, a student from Jackson High School, said, “I’m going to be a sports editor at my school next year, and this class is definitely getting me ready.” By Paris Harper / Upstart Staff

Students in the sports photography class editing their photos from the tennis tournament. They went to the tennis tournament to practice their shooting skills. By Paris Harper / Upstart Staff


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