Students begin improving, expanding InDesign skills

According to newspaper InDesign instructor Jim Woehrle, he is trying to teach the students in his class how to effectively use the tools in InDesign and make them feel more comfortable with the software. Ultimately, he said, he wants students to apply those new skills to improve the designs of their own papers.
On July 30, the first full day of class, the students were replicating exactly Woehrle showed them on the projector, even down the “Lord Voldemort” examples and references.

“Let’s use green. Green is the color that flashes when (Voldemort) kills somebody,” said Woehrle when changing the text color.

Woehrle said he has high expectations for his advanced class this week. He said he hopes by the end of the week his students will be able to take the ideas and concepts they have learned at MIPA back with them to their school to help better their paper.

The students, too, said their expectations are high.

“I thought (the InDesign class) would help me next year with newspaper,” Antonia Vrance from Lainsburg High School said. “I took a lot of yearbook classes last year and wanted to focus on newspaper this year.”

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