Students bond in the Shaw basement with pizza, games

For the past few days, the basement of the Shaw hall has been used only for access to the computer lab for those students who enjoy working after hours. However, that was not the case on the evening of Aug. 2.

Students on their way down to the computer lab were in for a surprise. Loud laughter and screams from students could be heard throughout the entire basement of West hall. The initial shock was enough to distract any person in the basement, but the recruitment skills of Courtney Banks and a few other friends from Eisenhower High School was what turned an intentional night of hard work into a night of fun and friendship.

“It started with just a little meeting so we could eat pizza, and next thing we knew, it turned into an awkward game,” Banks said. “We thought it’d be fun to have more and more people join.”

Sarah Ashman, one of the second floor West Shaw Hall floor counselors, spoke about dorm relationships.

“I can say that over all everybody’s getting along really well. There’s a really great vibe,” Ashman said. “Nobody’s come knocking on my door ready to kill their roommate or anything.”

The Eisenhower students have said that they would like to get the same game going again, but with more people this time. If anyone would like to join, they said to be sure to keep an eye out for Banks or any of the other Eisenhower students. By Taylor Hale / Upstart Staff

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