Students find crash-course journalism in Writing & Designing the Newspaper

Students looking for an introduction into the world of journalism started day one of the class Writing & Designing the Newspaper, taught by Jody Mackey. Mackey, advisor for the yearbook and the video program at Traverse City East Middle School, hopes for the students to experience their initial “splash” into journalism, specifically learning the basics of interviewing, starting stories, and design layouts.

“The class serves as a basic, crash-course in newspaper production,” Mackey said. “The students are going to learn what it means to be a journalist through opportunities to be a reporter as well learning the techniques to printing and design.”

Today, the students were learning about the elements to starting and completing an actual story. With ideas like overviewing quote types and how to paraphrase, each student will take the knowledge learned today and apply to a story that they will develop throughout the week. One story opportunity will be given tonight, at New Media seminar provided for all MIPA students.

“I want to write for the paper at my school and this camp is going to help me to learn the stuff I need to know,” Marey Anderson, student at Ogden International School of Chicago said. “I’m also hoping that I can take my ideas inspired from the camp and incorporate into our paper.”

The camp will be exploring feature stories tomorrow, as well as taking a look into design layouts on Wednesday.

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